Changing Nail Salons is Like Changing Bras

Two weeks ago I made the decision to stop going to my normal nail salon. I have perfectly good reason's for my decision. First is they don't keep with their listed prices, my sister went to have a fill in done just recently while her nails are a little on the long side (Not ghetto long) they said it would be $28 for what she needed done. Their price lists shows a new set is for $20, so we were completely stumped on why the $8 increase. Second now that I've moved all the way to Green Cove I have to drive an hour to my normal watering hole nail salon, which isn't a big deal when I'm over on that side of town to visit my mom. However I'm not on that side of town when I need my nails done.

I must add I've been going to this nail salon ever since I was in high school I graduated back in 2007. So I've been a dedicated customer in my mind and deserve a pat on the back. The workers there are nice, hell I even know to much about their personal life than I should...vise versa for me as well.

So this past Thursday I felt like a total traitor paying a visit to a hole in the wall Nail salon that was 1 minute away for my home. (I could literally walk there if it wasn't so damn cold) You're probably wondering whats the reason for the title. Let me explain..Have you ever gone to a new store and tried a different brand of bra. Example: Walmarts are too loose on me, they don't carry my exact size which is a 32A or 34A depend on my boobs that day. While Fredericks are way to tight I literally feel like AndrĂ© the giant is giving me a bear hug, but my itty bitty titty's looked AMAZING. Like I wanted to jump around and grope my own self through out the day so I always shopped there and ate the $30 bucks per bra. However! Just recently I bought some bra's from Target and while I was skeptical at first, after a day of wear...I loved them. I felt bad leaving my old high end bras, but $10 for a bra that did just the same and was comfortable was a score, and I was sold.

That same feeling is what I had after leaving this new nail salon. While I felt like a total traitor to the past place I went. I felt like this place just was meant for me. It was awkward at first being a new customer and while I'm normally outgoing and can befriend everyone, its still a little weird when in the back of my mind someone from the old nail salon is going to jump out and say "got you...traitor."

This place wasn't your normal stereotypical nail salon. For one it was super tiny, like lady in the shoe tiny. They only had two nail techs that could do acrylics, and two others that were "In Training" everyone of them spoke perfectly good English with no accent. Heck the two girls in training were white.  (I did a double take about that one) I never felt so at home in my life. I'll admit it was weird sitting there in silence, but at some point the conversation just started flowing. I felt like I was in Legally Blond and was waiting for Mrs. Woods to come walking in teaching us how to do the "Bend and Snap", they just needed the token gay guy. 


That's the vibe I got from this place. I ended up leaving paying $21 for a major fill in, few nail repairs, cut back, and as always an American manicure. (That's my go to choice unless I'm feeling frisky then I get Pink)

I found out my old nail salon was drilling too far into my nail which caused those red lines, and the nails to grow at an angle. Which I've always noticed, but figured that's normal. Its funny when you've been going some place for so long and have nothing to compare it to. Going some place new just makes you realise what you've been missing out on. My nails looked perfect when I left there. I've been doing Beyoce's "If you liked it than you should of put a ring on it" Hand flaps. 

This is more accurate image of what I look like doing it.

And I've already scheduled my fill in for 2 1/2 weeks from now.

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