Klean-Strip Premium Stripper Review

Jamie and I normally go the hard route when redoing furniture. By which "we" means "I" sand everything including the finish coating without wood stripper. Except this time when we were redoing our dinning room set. There's such a thick coating that its impossible, & we needed some help.

Jamie's heard so many stories about using wood stripper that it had her scared to try it. Between our garbage disposal dogs and her accident prone self. Thankfully she promised to let me do this, since my father and I did this once before. SHE even went searching the Internet for the best brand stripper to use, how to use them, and what protection gear we needed.

With all her information in hand she went to the store. Got some gloves (which of course were the wrong kind), Masks, and the stripper. Normally this would of went smoothly except they didn't have the kind she wanted so we were stuck with Klean-Strip brand. She called me while looking at options and I told her to get whatever is easy to apply. I'm not knocking the brand she chose, I've only used one other brand before. And that was back when I was 8 (SHH don't tell Jamie). So I really have nothing to compare it to.

OK what draw ed her to this product was that it was in a spray can similar to spray paint, it even applied like spray paint then foamed up. So I could easily use my spray paint plastic nozzle to apply this product. She only bought two cans thinking that should be enough for the cabinet at least (which one was defected, but with quick thinking we were able to make it work). Then if we liked the product she would buy it again for the table and chairs. After reading the directions it says to generously apply the product to the wood and let wait 15minutes. I left ours on a bit longer after using it on the cabinet doors and it didn't take off enough finish for my liking. Thankfully leaving it on an extra five minutes on the cabinet top which had the most top coating on it, made it easy for us to scrape off some of the coating but not all of it. It did cut my sanding time in half on the areas we used it.

Overall I was very pleased with this product. I would like to try other brands, but this was very simple to use and if she had bought more than two cans I would of probably finished sanding down the whole dinning room set in one day. Which is alot of work, even with my video game built muscles . I will recommend to leave the chemical on about five minutes longer than suggested. Also buy heavy duty gloves, she bought latex and the chemical ate through them (ohhh Jamie Tisk Tisk). Instead of a plastic scraper we were able to use stripping pads and it did the job quick.

Clean up was very easy we were able to use the water hose. Make sure you dispose of the cans, gloves, and stripping pads properly. The product in the can is under pressure and once used you should use it withing four months. Look with your state codes to see how to properly get rid of the cans. As far as the product we washed off it hasn't harmed our grass.

Overall would I use this product again? Yes as long as it was on a project with a light top protection coating. We will be trying a different brand for our table top since the protection coat is super thick. We do plan on using this on the table legs since the finish isn't as thick, and possibly the table chairs.

Ending note if you're stripping something with a light protection coat I would recommend using this product. Anything with a heavy protection coat find a more heavy duty product.

-Jason Koenig-

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