30 Before 30

30 BEFORE I'M 30

It's my birthday ya'll! I turned 25 today and don't feel a single day over 20. Instead of giving you 25 random facts about me you don't know, because lets be honest I tell you every little thing about me already. Best buds over here!!

Instead yall are getting 30 things i'd like to do before i'm 30

1. Have a child. (Before anyone ask's we're not trying)
2. Attend a MAJOR blog conference.
3. Take all three of dogs for a run three times a week.
4. Save up $1,000
5. Go on a vacation with Jason SOMEWHERE AMAZING!
6. Figure out the secret to great butter beer.
7. Paint every room in my house the perfect color.
8. Have the blog/home feature somewhere famous (Girl can have dreams right)
9. Attend a Redskins and Cowboy game at Washington stadium
10. Run a 5K
11. Pay someones tab (Military)
12. Buy a new mattress and box spring (I've always bought lightly used)
13.Go Skydiving
14. Mountain climbing
15. Get over my fear of tornadoes
16. Screen in the back patio ourselves
17. Learn how to use large power tools like a pro.
18. Volunteer 2 times a week at our local animal shelter.
19. Make over a room in someones home. 
20. Get better at gardening.
21. Go all out on the holidays yearly (Christmas, and Halloween)
22. Help Someone in need
23. Attend a family reunion
24. Create an Office or Office space in my home that inspires us.
25. Completely makeover the garage for Jason to have a Man cave he can be proud of.
26. Have a Christmas party with the works
27. Get sponsored
28. Become a hiker
29. Work with & meet some awesome bloggers.
30. FINISH COLLEGE! For interior design of course!

Do you have a list of stuff to do before you turn 30?

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