Our Furry Family

Its pet appreciation month here in the US, if you're a dog or cat lover its time to show your appreciation for those little bundles of fur. Yes it even includes fish, rodents, and reptiles though we have none of those in this house. One because our dogs would eat them, and second if one of those happened to get on Jason he would scream like a little girl.

To start this month off right I decided to introduce you to our little furry clown family. Yes I consider them family and if I could I would take the with me to work every day. I wouldn't get much work done with Mocha growling at every phone that rings, Lucky humping every chair in site, and Ginger literally climbing the walls with excitement. It would make for a hell of a day though.

Lets begin with the oldest, weighing at a whopping 75 lbs is our Lab/Pit mix Lucky. How we came into owning this big baby is slightly embarrassing. He was a gift from my ex 6 years ago, for a birthday present. I wouldn't trade lucky for anything, even when he gives us problems and attacks lawn mowers when he escapes the back yard. We've been putting him through all sorts of obedience classes since the middle of last year. He became a very possessive dog when we moved into our house two years ago and he was not socialized at a young age (my fault). It got to the point we considered putting him down, until we made the obedience training decision. Now he's slowly getting use to people, and has became best buds with Jason's younger brother. It's taken baby steps but he's slowly becoming the dog everyone loves. With him I've learned to never give up on an animal no matter how hopeless it seems, it might be hard work but you have to push through it because you love them.

Next clown on the list is our stubborn child Mocha. She still refuses to sit even though we've been trying to teach her for almost a year now, I put full blame on the basset hound in her. My mother brought her home one day, and I complained about it the whole time. Till one night when Mocha's brother attacked her, right when I was walking in the door. I quickly snatched her up and took care of her. We've been inseparable ever since, she's my rock, and pillow for when we take naps together. I've never had an animal that would protect me like she does, I've heard stories about people having that one animal that just loves them, the one they remember through out their whole life. Well Mocha's that for me, she's there no matter what even when I'm having a bad day, I cant stay mad for long because she cheers me up.

Finishing off this circus of clowns is the baby of the bunch...The Ginger (We call her "The Ginger" because just "Ginger" doesn't do her justice) She is the sweetest, well behaved dog and the best addition to our little family. She has so much energy that when she gets wound up she will bounce off the walls. She's too smart for her own good and can open doors and lock them, she's locked me out of the house a few times. She is Lucky's BFFL and Jason's sweet baby girl, this dog makes him do the baby voice...it's weird. Shes some sort of a hound, we got her when visiting my grandmother up in GA. Granny found her dumped on the side of the road as a puppy barely alive, it breaks my heart people can be such bastards and do this.

Three dogs may seem like alot to some people, and yes there are days it seems a bit overwhelming. Those days I just remember how we got them and how worse their life could of been had we not taken them in. They fit in with Jason and myself so well, we all love to eat, don't like working out unless made to, and are faithful and have each others backs no matter what. It takes a special person to love animals, we as people normally only care for other people and consider them family, it's when we take in something different and consider it part of the family that makes us shine.

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