Is it Grey or Gray?

Technically you can spell it both ways and it works.

This month is been all about our dining room. I've kind of pushed it to the back burner a few months ago when I had a total laps in creativity. I left it alone in hopes that something would happen to give me some inspiration.  

Let me first say we painted this room three different times. THREE TIMES PEOPLE!

The previous owners of the house who I know nothing about I just make assumptions about them based on the wall colors they chose, decided that a peach color dining room was FAB-O-LOUS! It just reminded me of my grandmothers old bedspread.

So the first thing we did was paint. Our first attempt we started with one wall red & the others an off white. The red was nice! I seriously loved it, but that white something about it just didn't work. Every time I looked at it, something inside me just cringed. I wanted it gone asap.

So I had this brilliant idea of grey and red walls in the dining room (say it like it was my idea, but really Thanks Pinterest). I informed Jason who suggested we use the "Grey" paint the previous owners left here over two years ago. (I hope you can see where this is going, because paint that sits for a long time isn't normally good.)

As it turns out Jason's brilliant idea was a total fail. That so called "grey" paint wasn't "grey" at all but a tan color (that's in all the bedrooms). No matter how much we mixed it, the pigment just wouldn't blend together. As always Jason tried to convince me to just let the paint dry and it should turn out fine. And me being gullible I believed him. I woke up the next morning to walls that looked as though some toddler smeared mud everywhere. 

I was so defeated that I stopped working on our dining room and worried about the holidays. Once the holidays were over I decided to tackle the walls again. So after a trip to Home Depot and an hours worth of comparing colors we left with the perfect dark grey. After a weekend of painting and sitting back and admiring the job we noticed something. This paint color plays tricks on the eyes, when far off it has more of a purple hue, and up close its totally grey.

I'm starting to seriously love darker colors, this is a major change coming from someone who loves white.

<3 Jamie

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