She Draws It, He Builds It: Dinning Room Part 1

Hello everyone! Jason and I are doing something a bit different for the next few home projects. So we decided to let you in on it. We moved into our house about a year ago and were given alot of furniture from our family. Well we both don't want to buy new furniture because where would we store the old stuff? So we've decided to take a little different approach and flip it. Yes I'm a hoarder, why get rid of something when I can make it new again. Jason of course gets all the hard labor like sanding, and putting together everything, while I paint, stain, sew and decorate.

Guess I should tell why we're doing this. We have guest over all the time. We love to throw parties,  but we're ashamed of our dinning room set. It's not welcoming and is a total eye sore for everyone. We want something that's more inviting and screams come sit in here! So without further delay here some pics and what we plan on doing to flip it.

The step by step process we're taking to complete this will take us a while, but don't worry we will post updates showing what we did and how we did it. There will be some DIY and you can expect directions if you want to try it yourself. We will also be posting reviews on what we bough, and how much it cost. Don't expect this to be a quick project. Its a whole room and could possible take us a few months to complete. I'm 100% positive it wont be done in time for our craft war party in July. Yes that's a total bummer but It will be done for our Christmas party in December.

Our dinning room set was a gift from my grandmother. She bought it when she was a little older than us and has kept it ever since.

I guess you could say we've already started on this room. Jason and I painted the walls a red and white. The original wall color was a peach that the old owner chose. I'm not knocking her paint choices its just not our "cup o tea". We do have somewhat of a color pallet, we're sticking with red, white, and dark browns, throwing some country decor in the mix. HEY I'm from Georgia I got to stick with my blood which flows Burlap. It definitely needs more than the three chairs we were given. Hopefully I can find some way to change the chairs or reuse them...I'm loving the person style chairs. The whole set needs to be stained a different color, because the orange hue isn't working. The cabinet needs new knobs and handles to update it. Our bare walls need some pictures and we need some floral arrangements in there to soften it up.

How are you going to do this? Well first I'm going to sketch out some dinning room ideas. Then flip the room with which ever sketches we like. So lets look at the sketches Jason and I picked and get started.

Jason - "This sketch really didn't turn out good huh? Maybe you shouldn't use color crayons and stick with pencils"

Jason - "Why are the legs crooked? Also you really cant spell."

Jason - "The layout huh? It looks like a corn dog with freezer burn and mold. You cant use our Mason Jars I drink out of those." 

So now that you've seen the designs we're going with keep an eye out for updates. We will be starting with sanding and re staining the furniture. I must add that Jason and I aren't getting paid for the reviews we do during this project. We will be buying everything with our own money and doing everything our self. If we don't like a product or do like a product we will let you know.

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